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Yoga in the Park

So excited to introduce Yoga in the Park! Let's connect with nature with a simple flow to move your body and tune in with your breath.

During the Summer months, every Sunday at 10:30am, I will be at Pickhurst Recreation Ground (near the playground) running a one-hour yoga class. The class starts with breath warming, then a sequence of poses in a slow flow and some poses held slightly longer towards the end to really stretch into those tight areas. We close the session with a breath practice and/or a short relaxtion. This class is suitable for all levels.

Yoga is suitable for everyone; any shape, any size, any age and whatever your flexibility. It will improve your muscle strength and flexibility, give you a good posture and increase your self-esteem. It may also help to reduce joint pain, blood pressure, stress and anxiety. Yoga in the Park have added benefits of exercising in fresh air and exposure to sunlight for an extra dose of vitamin D. These are both essential ingredients to lift your mood and enhance your mental wellbeing.

Nancie x

Frequently Asked Questions:

I've never tried yoga. Will I manage?

Absolutely. Keep it light-hearted or take it seriously. Just enjoy the yoga movements in nature and do whatever feels good for you. You can take a break anytime. Why not ask a friend to join you?

What do I need?

A yoga mat (preferred) or picnic mat, comfortable clothes, layers for all weather conditions, hat and suncream, a bottle of water. We do yoga in bare feet, but if you prefer to stay in trainers, that's cool too.

What if it rains?

Fingers crossed for sunny Sundays! If it rains, I will put a message out on this website by 10am to cancel the class. If it drizzles lightly, the class will still go ahead. If the ground is damp due to rain from the previous day, then I suggest placing a picnic mat (with waterproof backing) under your yoga mat.

How do I book?

Click on the 'Book Class' button above for advance booking (£8) or turn up on the day (£10).

How do I cancel a class?

The class fee is non-refundable. If you've booked in advance and need to cancel the class due to an emergency, you may defer the class for one week. Please message me in advance.

Can I join if I have an injury, illness or am pregnant?

The class is not suitable if you have had a surgery in the last six months, have a heart condition or pre/post-natel. If you are recovering from an illness or injury, please consult your doctor before commencing exercise and me message in advance.

Are there parking or toilet facilities?

You can park along Pickhurst Lane. There are no toilet facilities.

Any other questions?

Please message me using 'Contact' above.

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