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Welcome to Blue Phoenix Yoga.  We offer a variety of classes to move, mobilise and strengthen your body, as well as nurture your mind.  The programme of classes aims to cultivate Stability, Flexibility and Serenity, creating a strong, lean, flexible body and a calm mind.  From the very accessible class like Stretch & Move to various styles of yoga, it will set up your day on a positive note. All classes have lower and advanced options to suit your level. 

Access classes online via Zoom or live in-person. There are many benefits to online classes, you can exercise in the comfort of your own space without the pressure of other participants, it reduces travelling time to and from the gym, and you may even be able to fit it around your work schedule.  However, for a more interactive experience, in-person class is recommended.


Yoga Class

MindBody Flow

Tuesday 9am

Stretch & Move

Thursday 9am

Vinyasa Yoga

Wednesday 12:15pm


About Nancie

People come to yoga for different reasons.  Many people come to yoga looking to fix a problem, e.g., to reduce stress and anxiety, to promote better sleep, to improve flexibility or to find peace.  Some stumble across yoga not really looking for a solution but heard that it is ‘good’ for you. That was me.  Twenty years ago, I was a first-time mother looking for post-natal exercises to get back into shape and desperately in need of some time to myself.  Little did I know that 20 years later, yoga would become my life...

What People Say

"We luckily found Nancie back in April and have been attending her classes ever since. She has kept us going this year with her enthusiasm, expert teaching and her enjoyment in helping us through her wide range of exercises. She takes time to explain everything and really takes an interest in her ladies and gents. Thank you Nancie."

- A & J


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